Bradley R. Trowbridge, Principal

Brad brings an invaluable background to the practice of law.  Prior to practicing law, Brad earned bradtrowbridgea Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, and for over 10 years provided therapy to individuals, couples and families from all walks of life.

 Since graduating from the University of Illinois College of Law, Brad has represented hundreds of clients in divorce, custody disputes, and other litigation.  Prior to opening his own firm, Brad worked for the Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago and other agencies where he helped clients with employment discrimination, elder law, housing, immigration, special education, public benefits and bankruptcy matters.

Brad also is a certified and experienced mediator.  In 2001, he completed DePaul University’s 40-hour training in Divorce Mediation, and has since helped many clients negotiate creative agreements out of court.  These clients include not only traditional couples going through divorce, but also extended families, same-sex couples, grandparents and step families. Brad is considered an expert on marriage laws. In 2011, Brad co-authored a book chapter on the Illinois Civil Unions Act and legal issues facing unmarried and same-sex couples for the Illinois State Bar Association’s Illinois Family Law Handbook. Brad trains other attorneys and legal advocates about Civil Unions and divorce litigation in Illinois.

Brad’s success is no accident.  Prior to practicing law, Brad earned a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, and worked with individuals and families for over 10 years. Now, as an attorney, Brad’s background in psychology and expertise in family law has helped hundreds of clients achieve successful outcomes in divorce, custody disputes and other family law matters.

Research shows that someone trained in both psychology and law is better able to ensure that clients are happy down the road, not just in the short-term. Why is that? People going through divorce often feel intense anger, resentment and frustration. That leads many to tell their attorneys they do not want their spouses to get anything from the divorce. Their attorneys then do everything in their power to destroy the other spouse. Their attorneys don’t encourage their clients to consider the long-term consequences that their desire for revenge will have on them, their former spouse, and their children (who, by the way, may never forgive them). These attorneys also don’t tell their clients that such goals are unrealistic. (For example, the judge is not going to leave the other spouse penniless or keep them from seeing the children.) Instead, those attorneys fight aggressively, filing motion after motion, and spending thousands of their client’s dollars only to fail to get the results the client wants. The end result? The client is broke, destroyed any future civil relationship with their ex-spouse, alienated the children and angered the judge. In other words, they are worse off than where they started.

That being said, there are some spouses who are abusive, vindictive or mentally unstable.  No matter what you do, you can’t negotiate with them.  The only option is to fight. An attorney with a psychology background can better help you sort out your emotions and decide the best strategy for your situation that is consistent with your long-term goals.

Whether you need a sound voice to guide you, a tenacious advocate, or a creative problem solver, Brad can help you reach your goals . . . effectively and economically.

When Brad is not at work, you can usually find him volunteering for places like the Center on Halsted, Equality Illinois and PAWS, or playing softball and tennis.